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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Mar 22, 2016

Do people often misunderstand what you’re trying to communicate to them? Do you have a hard time getting your point across? Clear and affective communication is where this can change and the Growth Now Movement is here to help. In this Episode with Bob Paff, Author of Communicating to Win, and the voice of National Geographic, we will cover how and why affective communication is the answer. We talk about how you intend others to receive your message, might not always be how you think it’s being perceived. We really get into how we can communicate to get others to perceive what we intend them to. This is something that Justin and I have started implementing immediately after this podcast. I can say, it has helped us personally and professionally almost instantaneously. If we can master communicating affectively, it can make our lives better professionally and personally. We also dive into how Bob wants to be the face of Mental Illness, and how he is in talks with a number of TV Networks for a show focusing on just that. We dive into his personal hardships and how his ability to communicate with himself helped him through it. So please enjoy this incredible episode with Bob Paff! You can connect with Bob at If you like what you hear, please Subscribe on iTunes for more episodes. Please give us a 5 Star Rating and follow us on Facebook for announcements, give aways, and a ton of exciting stuff.