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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Apr 19, 2016

In this episode with Chris Kaag, he dives into huge obstacles he needed to overcome in his life. If you have had to overcome obstacles that have drastically altered your perception of how you thought you were going to reach your end goal. If you have already overcome adversity or will at some point have to overcome major adversity in your life. This episode is a MUST listen. Chris talks about how he went from being a Marine to losing use in both legs from a disease. The obstacles he faced mentally, physically and emotionally. And how to use life's obstacles to create your purpose. Justin and I are very excited to share this episode because we know this will help so many people who have had life altering experiences. Chris is the founder of Corps Fitness and the IM Able Foundation. You can find them at these links. and If you like what you hear, please Subscribe on iTunes for more episodes. Please give us a 5 Star Rating and follow us on Facebook for announcements, give aways, and a ton of exciting stuff.