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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Apr 26, 2016

How does one person change the way the world thinks?This episode with Sim Gluck can help just about anybody in one way or another. It reveals actionable insight on how you can work with others to achieve not only your goals, but help others achieve theirs as well. Sim is a co-founder of a game called FreshBiz, which teaches people how to come together to achieve great things. The more people work together, the more opportunities there are to obtain greatness. He takes the games thought process and relays it beautifully in this episode. Everyone has their own unique skills about them. By listening, you can gain really good knowledge on how to hone in on using your skills for the greater good. This is the “new way” of entrepreneurship, Simcha explains. So sit tight, get a notepad and enjoy. Make sure to check out Sim and his business partner Ronen at If you like what you hear, please Subscribe on iTunes for more episodes. Please give us a 5 Star Rating and follow us on Facebook for announcements, give aways, and a ton of exciting stuff.