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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

May 7, 2016

This country is currently facing two major epidemics. Drug Addiction and Eating Disorders. Brian Cuban is an author, speaker, and former lawyer who has struggled with both Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Drug Addiction. It's eye opening to listen as Brian speaks on Body Dysmorphic Disorder and how much of what we say can affect others, and in his words "Words Do Hurt". He also touches on what it was like being the younger brother to Dallas Mavericks Owner, Mark Cuban and how much he looks up to his brother. Whether yourself or someone you know struggles with drug addiction or eating disorders, this episode is a great listen to help us use actions that will lift others up and out of addiction. This is a very powerful episode! You can learn more about Brian at and more about his new book 'The Addicted Lawyer' at Please let us know what you think of this episode by rating us over on iTunes. Or you can visit us at