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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Jan 31, 2017

Ever feel like you've hit rock bottom?This week we sit down with Tamara Thompson to discuss her climb from the bottom to become a powerhouse in the video production industry. Tamara’s story is truly inspirational for anyone who has gone through a hard time in life and wants to bounce back. Tamara went from spending time in prison to becoming the CEO of your company. She was able to apply her abilities in creativity and branding to do this. However she did this after a really rough road. She is a recovering alcoholic with multiple DUI’s and had a wake-up call that would put her on the right track to becoming a very successful business woman. This episode truly shows anyone how they can comeback from anything to fulfill their dreams. So don’t miss this episode with Tamara Thompson! Check out her website at Don't forget to check out our other episodes at and also hit that subscribe button!