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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Jan 16, 2018

Cindy Whitehead in only the last 10 she has started and sold two businesses for more than $1.5B. She co-founded and last served as CEO for Sprout Pharmaceuticals where, in 2015, the company broke through with the first ever FDA-approved drug for low sexual desire in women — dubbed “female Viagra” by the media. She started Sprout only one day after selling another that she also co-founded, Slate Pharmaceuticals, which redefined long lasting testosterone treatment for men.

She has been featured in The New York Times, Associated Press, Financial Times, Vanity Fair, Bloomberg, CNBC, CBS, Fox, Yahoo and the cover feature of Entrepreneur Magazine....and now The Growth Now Movement.

In this episode we talk about Cindy's rise in business, how men treated her, and more specifically about a defining moment when she was talking on stage in front of a room of men. We discuss the how and why Cindy is now helping women entrepreneurs to reach their goals and show the world how incredible they are. Make sure to check Cindy out at 

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