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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Jan 30, 2018

What if failure wasn't a thing? What if the only option was success. I talk about just that with this weeks guest, Shawn Thomas. 

Shawn has amassed 1.2 MILLION followers on Instagram (@askamillionaire). He guides people through the rocky road of entrepreneurship giving them the tools they need to succeed at all costs. Shawn is a guy who has lived in, who has done it all, and is now giving back.

In this episode we talk about how there is no such thing as failure. We discuss tips, tricks to grow a cult like following, and we talk about how you're able to become a millionaire through hardworking and aligning yourself with the right mentors.

You guys are going to LOVE this episode. Make sure to check Shawn out at or join is ultimate mentorship tribe at

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