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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Dec 22, 2020

Two decades ago, Jet Toh left a promising job as a financial controller in one of the world's premier port owners to become an entrepreneur. In that time, he has achieved many major life goals - not all of them financial. He has made the usual "first million dollars" of many entrepreneurs but has also ticked some serious items on his bucket list like skydiving over the Mojave Desert, diving cageless with sharks in Fiji and evolving from a shy, introverted man to speaking on stage to an audience of 10,000! And most importantly, he's found the time to be an almost full-time dad. He attributes his success largely to how he was taught to set goals - and how he refined that basic system over the years with advice from friends, mentors and his experiences.

Over the years, he has invested more than USD 100,000 in personal development seminars across the world. He's now sharing it with you - the 9 STEPS: Goal Mastery™ program in his international best-selling book, "Of Goals & French Fries"

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