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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Jan 4, 2022

Brian Hart is founder and president of Flackable, an award-winning public relations agency representing financial and professional services brands nationwide. The agency, which he bootstrapped in 2014 at the age of 27, guides growth-driven brands to new levels of credibility, authority and influence through its innovative, integrated approach to public relations. His professional recognition includes Bulldog Reporter‘s 2021 Silver PR Star Under 40, PRNEWS’ 2020 Agency Elite Top 100, Irish America Magazine’s 2019, 2018 & 2017 Business 100, PRNEWS’ 2017 Rising PR Stars 30 & Under, Lehigh Valley Business’s 2016 Forty Under 40 and Adweek’s 2015 PR Industry 30 Under 30.

In 2020, Brian developed an industry-first client portal and automated campaign status reporting system, a platform delivering unprecedented campaign clarity, transparency and accountability. He leads and mentors a growing team of top public relations talent who routinely land Flackable’s clients in top news outlets including The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg, Forbes, Barron’s, US News & World Report, The Associated Press, Reuters and various industry trade press.

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