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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Mar 29, 2022

How can we show up everywhere? That’s the question that built their business.
But before getting into that...
Growing up, they fought. 
Now, they work together. 
After their last opportunity to become professional soccer players, the Luis' needed a way to fund their life outside of Venezuela and help their family…
...while making an impact!
They didn’t know where to start, but a typical job was not an option.
After multiple business attempts such as stickers, t-shirts, ebooks library, social media marketing, and videography, they didn’t know what to do.
Books, podcasts, and events started being a regular part of our life. But it wasn’t until they  started digging deeper into other entrepreneur problems that they knew what they had to do.
The journey shaped the skills…
...but the drive to help has always been there.
Piece by piece Luis & Fonzi built their own “Content Machine”. Later, they decided it was time to help others do the same.
Now, they help businesses turn their long-form content into value-packed assets to build an audience and achieve the frictionless sale.
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