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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Apr 25, 2023


Despite growing up in a difficult home, Kathryn Gordon was determined to find success and love in her life. Little did she know that her path would lead her to create the GRIT framework and author the book "Relationship Grit," helping countless couples strengthen their relationships and achieve emotional intimacy. But the true surprise lies in what she discovers along the way: that adversity can be a powerful force of growth and connection.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Enhance personal connections by employing the GRIT framework and shared experiences.

  • Unlock the keys to lasting marital success through embracing open communication and understanding.

  • Discover the world of sobriety through non-alcoholic bars and better lifestyle choices.

  • Delve into the realms of spiritual growth, self-care, and overcoming addiction.

  • Master financial responsibility, mutual support, and conflict resolution techniques to foster a healthy relationship dynamic.

My special guest is Kathryn Gordon

Kathryn Gordon is the insightful author of the book Relationship Grit, a powerful guide to building strong, lasting connections in marriages and relationships. Drawing from her own 26-year marriage and the experiences of others she's encountered, Kathryn has developed the GRIT framework to help couples communicate effectively and grow together. A mother of two adult children, she is also the host of the podcast Kathryn for Real, where she shares her wisdom, authenticity, and vulnerability on a range of relationship topics.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Read Kathryn Gordon's book Relationship Grit to learn about building strong, lasting communication and connection in relationships.

  • Listen to the podcast Kathryn for Real to hear more about Kathryn's insights and experiences in relationships.

  • Work on improving communication in your own relationships by discussing problems and concerns openly with your partner.

  • Consider seeking guidance from a relationship coach if you're struggling with communication or other aspects of your relationship.

  • Be mindful of your financial decisions in a relationship, and work together to make smart choices that won't lead to financial strain or arguments.

  • Look for ways to make your partner feel wanted and desired in your relationship to maintain a strong, healthy connection.

Bringing God Into Your Relationship
Strengthening relationships through spiritual connection can be a powerful way to enhance bonds and establish a deeper understanding of each other. By incorporating spirituality and a higher power into the relationship, partners tend to develop greater humility and gratitude within themselves, paving the way for mutual respect and a stronger connection. This recognition of a power beyond oneself not only allows for growth within the relationship but also fosters the ability to draw strength from something larger. During the podcast, Kathryn Gordon shared her insights on the importance of involving a higher power, such as God, within our relationships. She noted how her faith played an integral role in her own journey to recovery and rebuilt her bonds with others. She emphasized that by bringing her husband and herself closer to God, they were able to strengthen their own relationship, allowing for a renewed sense of unity and love. Her experience underlines the significance of involving spirituality in order to build spiritually connected, healthier relationships.