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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Aug 31, 2021

There are seasoned entrepreneurs, gifted speakers, and best-selling authors, but rarely do you find all three in one person. Peter Montoya is that rare exception. Author of The Brand Called YOU, skilled orator with over 4,000 keynotes under his belt and creator of the game-changing tech startup, Urth, a social media platform which will eliminate bots, trolls, and misinformation. Today Peter is going to share with us insights from his newest best-selling book, The Second Civil War: A citizen’s guide to healing our fractured nation. He’ll share practical lessons, not only how to cope with relationships with those whose political views we find intolerable, but also how to rehabilitate those relationships, making them healthier than ever before.

Hate speech. Cancel culture. Divisive rhetoric. Insurrection. These days, the civility of American civilians leaves much to be desired. So much so that in his first speech as the President of the United States, Joe Biden called on Americans to put an end to the “uncivil war,” to unite together to give the country a fighting chance. But how did the country get here? A war, civil or not, doesn’t brew overnight, and it simply isn’t instigated by a singular person or political party. 

In The Second Civil War: A citizens’ guide to healing our fractured nation (August 3, 2021), highly sought-after speaker and bestselling author Peter Montoya dissects fear-based messaging and highly accessible technology, revealing how they have placed individuals—everyday Americans—on both the front lines and within the command bunkers in the early stages of this second civil war, and provides strategies and solutions to bring the conflict to an amicable end. 

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