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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Apr 11, 2017

She holds American records in inline speed skating, she’s a 3 time Olympian and bronze medalist. She is such an incredible person from an athletic standpoint and we talked about what set her part when adversity hit. We talk about how talent weeds itself out. That once you get to a certain level, everyone is talented and what differentiate good form great is heart and work ethic. It was at the point where she broke her leg and in the next year she lead her team in the Olympics. Her recovery from this injury is something that amazed Dr’s and other athletes. Find out how she did it in this episode! Allison also took that passion and brought it to the business world, with her own brand of workout bags. You’ll see that Allison’s passion for business is no different than her passion for skating. So don’t miss this amazing episode with Allison Baver! You can check out Allison out at Make sure to check out our other episodes on iTunes or at