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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Oct 24, 2017

Justin Wren is a Bellator MMA fighter who has overcome more adversities than any man should face. From severe bullying to addiction Justin has overcome it all. How? By being the voice for the forgotten. Not only does Justin fight (and win) in the octagon. He also fights for the forgotten. In this episode we talk about overcoming addiction, fighting for a cause, and how any man, big or small can change the world with their actions. Justin Wren has started an incredible charity called Fight for the Forgotten( he also has written a book and continues to win massive fights in MMA. He has the biggest heart of any human I've ever met and I'm proud to share this episode with you. Make sure to make a donation and help improve the lives of the forgotten. Check out our sponsor at and learn create new opportunities for you and your brand to grow easily.