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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

May 16, 2023

Julia McCoy, the child of a fundamentalist cult leader, defies her father's oppressive control by building a successful writing business online, risking her life and freedom in the process.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Learn about Julia McCoy's astounding resilience and determination in overcoming a cult and founding her prosperous business.

  • Realize the value of acquiring relevant skills for enhancing your professional performance.

  • Tap into the potential of AI as a game-changing tool in content creation.

  • Face your fears and embrace risk-taking to unlock new avenues of growth and achievement.

  • Reimagine success by following a path unrestricted by conventional barriers, driven by personal passion.

My special guest is Julia McCoy

Get to know Julia McCoy, an exceptional entrepreneur who defied the odds by escaping a cult and starting a successful business. Growing up in a deeply oppressive environment, Julia found solace in her love for writing, which ultimately became her ticket to freedom. Today, she's a thriving business owner and an engaging speaker, sharing her story to inspire others to overcome their own challenges. Listen in as Julia discusses her remarkable journey, the importance of hard work, and how she transformed her passion for writing into a successful career.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Visit the website for Julia's AI company, Content at Scale, to learn more about their services and how they can help your business.

  • Follow Julia on social media to stay up to date on her latest projects and insights.

  • Sign up for Julia's email list to receive valuable content writing tips and advice.

Don't Fear AI
Artificial intelligence (AI) technology continues to advance at an impressive rate, leading many to worry about the potential implications of AI replacing human workers. However, it's essential to recognize that AI can also be used as a tool to bolster productivity and efficiency, rather than serving solely as a replacement for human labor. During her discussion about Content at Scale, Julia emphasizes the need to view AI as a tool to work more efficiently, not as a threat to human jobs. She encourages those with expertise in content creation to embrace AI technology to amplify their skillset and optimize their work processes. By adopting an innovative mindset and integrating AI into their workflow, individuals can harness the power of technology to achieve greater success in their fields.

Learning from Negative Experiences
Negative experiences can be a powerful catalyst for growth and learning, as they often provide opportunities to gain valuable insights into oneself and one's surroundings. It's essential to approach these situations with an open mind, remain willing to learn, and recognize the potential lessons that can be derived from the experience. Julia recounts the instance of having to hire her own mother at her writing agency, only to find her lacking in skill and experience. This situation, while challenging, ultimately served as a learning experience for Julia, reinforcing the importance of having the necessary skills required for a job, not just impressive degrees and certifications. By learning from negative experiences and adapting to the challenges they present, entrepreneurs can continue to evolve and improve their approach to business and life.

Escape and Entrepreneurship
Leaving behind a difficult past and embarking on an entrepreneurial journey can be incredibly daunting. However, doing so also offers an opportunity to seize control of one's life and build something truly meaningful. Choosing to face the unknown and take a leap of faith can bring about an adrenaline-fueled sense of freedom and risk, allowing one to cultivate new experiences, develop a strong work ethic, and eventually thrive in a new environment. In this episode, Julia McCoy shares the story of how she escaped a cult, overcame the immense challenges she faced, and eventually went on to create her own successful business. Despite the fears and uncertainties surrounding her decision to leave, Julia's steadfast determination and work ethic helped her carve out a new path for herself, ultimately turning her dreams into reality.