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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Mar 17, 2020

While the independent music scene in Los Angeles is vast and daunting, there are, on occasion, acts that break through the noise to prove their relevance as music moguls in the making. Katrina Stone is one of those rare talents. She has been lauded on an international scale through scoring brand endorsements, performing on national stages like the Warped Tour and CityWalk Hollywood, and even earning critical praise for her 
songwriting that can be heard in advertisements around the world.
The infectious pop track Never Wanna Grow Up continues to attract national attention with licensing placements with brands such as Wayfair, Hulu, Apple, Pez, and many more. “I’ve found a niche as an artist creating catchy, beautiful music that people want to sync up to their ads, trailers, and shows. It’s been a wild ride,” exclaims Stone. A veteran in the music production and writing scene, her songwriting has lead to incredible opportunities performing and leading bands. In 2016-2017, she had residencies leading bands at Citywalk LA, Margaritaville, and even her own showcase venue in Burbank called Maeweather Music. “Being on a stage is where I feel the most alive. So much so, that I couldn’t help but build a stage in a warehouse in Burbank and throw concerts whenever I can. It’s a dream.” 
With a career that includes multiple full-length records, national tours, press accolades, and a thriving presence in the LA music scene, Stone has proven time and time again that she can rise above the ever-changing tides of the modern day music industry. “It’s all about adapting and reinventing. I get excited about where things are heading because indie artists like me can kill it in this market. We’ve got the upper hand. We can
take control of our careers and be who we have always dreamed of being." And she's done just that.
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