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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Sep 5, 2023

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Importance of sleep and personal journey with sleep issues
  • Statistics on sleep deprivation and its impact on health and productivity
  • Discussion on night owls and aligning with natural circadian rhythms
  • Negative effects of getting less than six hours of sleep consistently
  • Impact of indoor lifestyle on sleep and the importance of getting outside
  • Effects of artificial light at night and the need for darkness before sleep
  • Practical steps for improving sleep, including optimizing lighting and temperature
  • Importance of consistent wake-up time and aligning with nature's rhythms
  • Factors that can affect feeling tired upon waking and the presence of sleep disorders
  • Creating a sleep-friendly environment and the importance of air quality
  • Personal sleep routine and strategies for improving sleep quality

Mollie Eastman discusses the importance of sleep and shares her personal journey with sleep issues. She highlights the alarming statistics on sleep deprivation and its impact on health and productivity. Mollie explains how her unhealthy sleep habits took a toll on her health and led to a period of insomnia. She sought solutions and eventually found ways to optimize her sleep, inspiring her to create Sleep is a Skill. The episode also touches on the impact of our indoor lifestyle on sleep, the importance of light and temperature, and practical tips for improving sleep quality. Mollie emphasizes the importance of consistency and aligning with natural circadian rhythms for optimal sleep. The conversation concludes with a discussion on sleep cycles, creating a sleep-friendly environment, and the definition of success. Both speakers express gratitude and excitement for their connection and future collaborations.