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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Jun 28, 2022

What does it take to be able to heal yourself physically, mentally, spiritually? Is it possible to heal yourself so quickly, that it's considered a miracle?

Our mind's a powerful can either make or break us. This week on the podcast, I sitdown with Jennifer Love of the Living Wealthy Institute and we discuss the power of the mind and how it relates to money, relationships, and even your physical well being.

Jennifer Love is a wealth philosopher, money therapist and the founding CEO of The Living Wealthy Institute. She is a sought after advisor to world leaders and an international speaker, author and educator weaving the aspects of our humanity into her garden conversation about the nature of wealth.

Award winning, 5x career entrepreneur with 20+ years under her comfy Keds, Jennifer Love is a thought leader with a heart that matches her name. For almost two decades, Jennifer has studied human and organizational behavior, and the relationship leaders have with their wealth and money. Metamorphosis and the patterns of nature inform her methodology. She unpacks our dichotomy of emotional poverty to reunite us with our innate desire to be free.

Jennifer is on a mission to help world leaders free themselves of the chains that hold them back from living wealthy – replacing overwhelm, stress, and anxiety in the money equation with a wholesome, regenerative, and nourishing experience while raising, making, managing, growing, and contributing money. These leaders become good allies in society and to future generations while living soulfully connected, deeply satisfying, and very wealthy lives.