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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Sep 20, 2022

If you're looking for ways to increase sales, improve relationships, and find greater business success, then this episode is for you. In it, we'll go through the solution so that you can get the results you're looking for.

"When you go to these conferences, this is how connections happen."

Ina Coveney is a business coach specializing in monetizing tiny audiences. She helps small businesses and coaches get clients before they spend all of their time and money trying to grow an audience.

This is Ina Coveney's story...

Ina Coveney is a business coach who specializes in monetizing tiny audiences. She helps small businesses and coaches get clients before they spend all of their time and money trying to grow an audience. Ina created her first six figure year with under 1000 followers. She taught coaches and business owners how to do the same thing via social media. 

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In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How Ina Coveney created her first six figure year with under 1000 followers
2. How live events can help you meet incredible people and make powerful connections
3. How to engage with people personally to build relationships and grow your business

Chapter Summaries:
[00:00:01] - Intro

[00:00:29] - This week's episode features Ina Coveney, a business coach specializing in monetizing small audiences. Nina created her first six figure year with under 1000 followers. 

[00:06:28] - In 2019, Justin hosted his first live event. He fell in love with live events back in 2017. 

[00:07:23] - Ina organized her first official event for Podcast Movement. She met Pablo Gonzalez at the first Podcast Movement and they became fast friends. Justin wants to be an intern at Ina's event in 2023. Ina wants to learn as much as she can about live event organizing.

[00:11:01] - Before, she had a podcast called Trailblazing Out of Corporate Life. She was helping people get out of corporate by starting their own businesses. She quit her job in 2018 and started Be Found, a program that helped her get to six figures in her business within the first two years. Kevin Schmidtland is going to do a podcast accelerator. Get Clients First is a new name for the global phenomenon podcast. It's about getting clients first and not growing your audience. It's a good idea to get clients first because it validates your idea and helps you grow the audience.

[00:20:10] - In the podcast space. 80% of shows are doing less than 100 downloads an episode. If you are a public speaker and you had a room full of 100 people every single week, would you show up? The answer would be yes. Business keeps the doors open and you have to have people pay you money.

[00:20:56] - People without followers. Wanting to become entrepreneurs is not a niche market. There are people with millions of followers on social media and they make no money. They are not talking to their audience correctly and their audience is not engaged with them. They do not talk to the audience correctly.

[00:21:20] - Before the Internet, people didn't have to have 1000 followers to have a thriving business. Now with the online world, this is the only thing we know. And what we see is people who are successful and those who are getting hammered into our feeds. When you don't have a big audience, your network is your audience. And you need to create a list of ten people that you feel like you can help.

[00:25:27] - How do you monetize if you don't have a big audience? How do you find out the stories of your followers and find out why they follow you? What do they really want? When you're starting, most of the time it's people who already know, like and trust you.

[00:29:02] - After quitting her job be found after be found decided to create an online course to teach moms how to create WordPress sites. She has been selling get clients first for a couple of years and she's in a great spot. She's afraid she's going to lose the relatability factor of her business. The strategies that I ask small entrepreneurs to do are not the same strategies that a large audience entrepreneur would follow. It's possible that I'm subconsciously self sabotaging to stay small because I'm afraid that a big audience is going to mean all these things and I'm not going to be able to handle it.

[00:34:47] - In stage one, you need to meet your ideal client and get them to pay something for the offer that is perfect for them. In stage three, you have to meet and get somebody who's your ideal clients and they have to be willing to spend money on the offer.

[00:37:33] - There are many business coaches who talk to people at different stages of their career and they don't always know who their ideal client is. Business coaches are not talking to people who have never sold anything in their life and they encourage them to raise their prices. People who are starting out need to charge their fair price.

[00:38:58] - In stage two, a project manager develops and tests a reliable sales engine. Stage three is the audience growth stage, which is the scary one for him. His audience has grown on TikTok. He's going to start experimenting with ads for the first time in four years. They will go talk about other topics.

[00:43:29] - The definition of success is every day that she didn't give up on herself. She has a daily date with her husband and she relaxes into failure. She is a big extrovert and she needs people to stand in silence to talk to her. She confesses in stories on Instagram. I'm an introvert. I live with my fiancee and her two children, and I recharge alone. I don't show up as often on Instagram stories and Reels because my recharge is totally alone. But I love that about you because you can be so out there and so outgoing.

[00:48:44] - The Global Phenomenon is a podcast about the online coaching industry. Mr. Shank was interviewed on Episode 123. He supports everything that you're doing. Get Clients First is a great first step. Getclientsfirstcom is a good place to start.

[00:49:47] - Mike has been on the Growth Now movement and thanks Justin and the listeners for their support. Mike is coming back on the show next weekend to talk about the lessons he has learned from being a parent. Justin and Mike ask the same questions at the end of every interview.

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