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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Sep 24, 2019

Rhonda Smith was born and raised in picturesque Northern California. She spends most of her time between the San Francisco Bay area and the Sierra Nevada mountains, with her majestic little wiener dog Saylor Love.

Rhonda shares her message speaking on stage as well as through podcasting, coaching and her work with sacred plant medicine. She uses all these modalities to support people in remembering the truth about who they are.

She believes that only when we embrace the darkest parts of ourselves do we get the lessons that lead to remembering and living our deepest truth. The greatest work of our lives is being willing to stand naked with all of our masks removed. The current state of our planet (living earth) and humanity is a catalyst to understand that the way we've been living isn't working! This was the spark which ignited Rhonda's mission.

Her newest company "The Expanded Hueman" is set up to answer the question "what comes next after personal development?"

It's an invitation for us all to stop the madness of endlessly seeking outside of ourselves. Her book "The Whole Method" is about remembering how to journey back into ourselves, and there discover everything we need.

Become part of her community at or text the word 'Wholeness' to 44222 if you're in the US

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