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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

May 3, 2016

You ever feel defeated? Feel like your goals are out of reach?This is an exceptional conversation with Melvin Pillay. Melvin is the Vice President of Zig Ziglar International and it shows as you will hear him talk in this episode. He shows how someone can come from living in Poverty to speaking for Zig Ziglar International. Melvin is able to articulate how you can use persistence, vision, goals and faith to reach your desires. He shows us how to use faith and that faith gave him confidence, desire and a clear vision on what he wanted. Even though we may face massive setbacks and brokenness, we can still reach where we want to go. Take a moment to be inspired as we sit down with Melvin Pillay to discuss his journey, and how you're able to use faith to guide you to your dreams. You can reach out to Melvin at or If you like what you hear, please Subscribe on iTunes for more episodes. Please give us a 5 Star Rating and follow us on Facebook for announcements, give aways, and a ton of exciting stuff.