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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Oct 4, 2022

When an underdog entrepreneur is furloughed from work and falls into a pattern of destructive behavior, he decides to take control and change his life for the better.

"I realized now I started to find purpose in life because I wasn't the best musician, I wasn't the best drummer. I played guitar, drums, this and that. But my real sweet spot was handing out flyers, talking to people, connecting with people, and that's where

Ben Albert is the owner of Balbert Marketing, LLC and the curator of the Real Business Connections Network. He is a successful entrepreneur who is passionate about helping other underdogs achieve their dreams.

This is Ben Albert's story...

I was always a shy, reclusive kid, and my dad taught me to hide my problems and not speak up when I needed help. As a result, I developed some addictions that I hid from everyone. I had a good job, but when COVID hit and I was laid off, I started binge drinking and it got out of control. I looked in the mirror and I knew I needed to make a change. I started stacking values and stacking skills, and I slowly began to turn my life around. I'm now sober, and I'm living my life as an entrepreneur. I'm in the mud learning as I go, but I'm loving every minute of it.

Chapter Summaries:

[00:04:08] - Ben albert won a contest to get on justin's podcast. He was furloughed from work two years ago, and now he hosts a business network with over 220 shows in two years. Justin reached out to ben albert to offer him a spot on his show. Ben albert is an entrepreneur, learning as he goes.

[00:06:25] - Two years ago, Ben got laid off. He came from an alcoholic father and his mom has a mental disability. He was working two jobs his whole life. He thought he was happy in his corporate job, but he was miserable. Covid hit, and he started drinking a lot. He used to take half Xanax every Monday because he couldn't handle the stress. He drank a bottle of Gym Beam whiskey every weekend and he looked bad. He decided to change his lifestyle.

[00:08:58] - As a kid, he was taught to hide his problems by his alcoholic father. Now he wants to slow down and improve his life. He wants to focus on values and skills instead of alcohol and drug abuse. He is going to get into the business side of things too. As a kid, he wanted to be a basketball player, but he was bullied. In high school, he became obsessed with music and marketing. He hosted a music podcast, did sales for a marketing firm, and started a business rated podcast in November 2020. Now he's a podcaster marketer. Freddy Vasquez is a former guest on the show. Freddy started with bands and MySpace pages, and now he's got a successful branding company and marketing company.

[00:19:33] - Ben started a business podcast called Rochester business connections. It's going to do an episode every 52 weeks for a year. He believes that people missed the boat on podcasting and the power of networking that you can create with it. Justin is a SUNY Brockport alumnus and new business owner. Just showing up is half the battle. People get caught up or overwhelmed with the big vision and don't take the first step. Interviewing people is a great networking tool for you and from that standpoint as well as a business tool for your marketing business.

[00:25:12] - In podcasting. You reach out to people with a big vision and you want to collaborate with them. You can do this in anything in life. In this case, it's potential customersconnections and it's anybody that I would pay to learn from.

[00:28:39] - Marketing is a natural process for him. He doesn't want to be overly pitchy. He uses LinkedIn to build relationships with people. His approach is very soft, and he prefers to give more than he asks for more than 20 times. He believes that the universe will provide when it wants to.

[00:31:25] - Ben's definition of success

[00:35:26] - Justin Schenck is being interviewed on his show. Before the interview, he explains how people can find him on LinkedIn and how they can connect with him on He recommends listening to the episode number 27 of his show with Justin Schenck

[00:39:15] - Ben's biggest moment of growth was launching the local business podcast and rebranding it to a national audience. 

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