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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Mar 28, 2017

Do you have what it takes to change the world? In this episode with Hank Fortener we discuss how one man is able to infect thousands even millions of people by spreading his energy to others. Hank is the founder of the worlds first crowdfunding site to help adoption costs. His family has adopted 8 children from 5 different countries and fostered 36 children while he was a boy. In its first 5 years, has helped 2500 families raise over $10M to cover adoption expenses and bring their children home. Families come from all 50 states in the U.S, as well as Canada and the UK. Hank believes his purpose is help others. He discusses in this episode how he's able to change the lives of thousands of people around the world by giving 100% of himself. Whether that is spending time with his family, or helping other families. He gives massive tips on becoming an influencer and performing at a peak energy state. We also dive into what spirituality is to him and why it's been a driving force for him since a young age. Make sure to head over to to help build families and change the world. You can also book Hank as a speaker at where Rob Bell says "Hank is an extraordinary speaker- it's not just his energy and passion and intelligence, it's the sense you pick up when you're listening to him that he's deeply invested in what he's talking about. He's compelling, creative, and a joy to hear." Thank you guys for tuning in week after week. Check out all of our other episodes at or on iTunes by search Growth Now Movement. Don't forget to Rate us and Subscribe!