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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Oct 31, 2017

John Ruhlin talks about what giving the perfect gift can do for you. John is the king of gift giving. He started his entrepreneurial journey selling cutco knives and he has gone on to become to all time sales leader in Cutco history. He did this after having a conversation with his then girlfriends father that forced him to think bigger. He has gone on to start his own company that works with organizations like the Chicago Cubs and Miami Dolphins teaching them how to utilize gift giving to grow their businesses. We talk about overcoming adversity, setting goals, and how to build lasting relationships that will benefit you and your life. Make sure to check John out at **Are you looking to connect with incredible people? Are you looking to grow your brand or your organization? Podcasting is a great tool that you can use! Check out and sign up for a free consultation with me to see if Podcasting is for you! **Also check out for easy, affordable fashion. I love them!