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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Mar 21, 2023

JR Spear, a successful entrepreneur with two full time businesses, has a powerful mission to help generate wealth for small business owners, but discovers a compelling conflict when his clients don't get the ROI they need.

"When I was writing down everything I've learned from the military and from my martial arts background, just my upbringing, it boiled down to an acronym that I call Creed, which stands for Commitment, Resilience, Excellence, Execution and Discipline. The funny thing is, after I started adapting that as the name and transitioning my businesses to what Creed Consulting is the actual name for. Creed stands for belief, which is the belief. And what is your creed? It's ultimately your goals,

JR Spear is an entrepreneur and business coach who helps small business owners generate wealth through building out their full automation systems and processes. He also connects entrepreneurs together through his Business Leaders Network and hosts weekly mastermind training calls.

JR Spear was running two businesses and was looking for a way to help business owners generate wealth. He transitioned his businesses to Creed Consulting, creating a service to build out automation systems and processes. He connected entrepreneurs together through weekly masterminds, training calls, and in person events. Through this process, he found success in helping entrepreneurs generate massive ROIs and build their businesses. JR Spear learned that building a community, like a church, was key in engaging and connecting with entrepreneurs, allowing them to find success in their businesses.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How JR Spear transitioned from coaching to a full done-for-you service.
2. How JR Spear helps small business owners generate wealth through automation systems and processes.
3. How JR Spear helps entrepreneurs connect with the right people to fill their pipelines.

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