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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Feb 8, 2022

G. Love, born Garrett Dutton, on October 3, 1972 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA, started playing guitar after his mother sent him to guitar lessons when he was eight; as a youngster, he learned to sing and play harmonica and after only one year of college, Dutton decided to go to Boston in 1992 where he formed his first significant musical project, G. Love & Special Sauce, along with Jimy 'Jazz' Prescott on upright bass and Jeffrey 'The Houseman' Clemens on drums.

With almost 30 years of creating incredible music, touring the country, and inspiring individuals all over the world, G. Love recently has begun a new venture into NFT's as he's gone ALL IN and has begun to produce his very own NFT's which you can purchase now.

In this fun conversation, we discuss South Street in the 80's. Moving to Boston, signing their first record deal, and how he's now doubling down on the things that make him happy.

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