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Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Feb 26, 2019

Francesco Lombardo is a much-sought after international speaker and trusted advisor who has coached some of the world’s most successful and affluent families for over twenty years.

Francesco is the founder of Veritage Family Office which assists individuals within families by uncovering their truth about who they are (TRUTH ABOUT YOU), so they may better communicate and connect with each other creating harmony in the family. Veritage develops unique recipes for purpose, vision, and mission for the families wealth which feeds and nourishes the family legacy.

Passionate and engaging, Francesco is a leading expert in the emotional impact money has on Relationships, Estate, Family Businesses and Family Office operations globally. He is committed to healing the families his team serves and moving from Entitlement to Authenticity to become what he calls “Contributing Leaders”.

In this episode we dive into so many incredible topics. Franco walks you through his story and how he was able to begin being himself and how he now helps incredible family businesses around the world do the same thing. 

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